• Sloane At Home - Microground Tea Lattés

    Part of what can elevate your daily tea experience is the sensory and social aspects of visiting your local cafe. While the cafe atmosphere (and perfectly crafted tea lattés) can't exactly be replicated at home, Sloane’s new Microground Tea collection can help you easily make quality tea lattés at home.

    Our Microground Teas are manufactured from premium quality raw ingredients and dissolve in milk and non-dairy alternatives effortlessly and completely, giving you an instant tea latté! 

    Blonde Chai is our newest flavour addition to the Sloane Tea collection. It features golden turmeric root with heated ginger notes that are beautifully balanced to create a nutrient-rich, spicy, and warming golden milk latté.

    Our Microground Tea can easily be prepared using a milk frother or stove top. For stove top preparation, use the same ratios as below and whisk rigorously over medium heat until combined. Scroll down for instructions on how to prepare our Microground Tea with a milk frother!

    Blonde Chai Tea Latte With Milk Frother


    1 tsp. of Blonde Chai Microground Tea

    12 oz.of Dairy or Non-Dairy Alternative


    Add milk and Microground Tea into milk frother and heat using latté whisk. 

    Pour into your cup and voila!!


    If you want to finally give latté art a whirl, mix/whisk 1 tsp of Microground Tea with 2 tsp of hot water (or enough hot water for the Microground Tea to dissolve) in your cup. Pour frothed milk into your cup and experiment with your pouring motion for different latté art designs. To enhance the spicy notes, garnish with cinnamon.