• Sloane At Home - Re-Purposing Empty Caddies

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.. Re-Purpose!

    Our Signature Caddies are one of the many things that makes our loose leaf tea special. Packaging that imbues a sense of luxury into the every day and reflects the beauty of what you will find inside. Not to mention how great they look on your kitchen counter and their ability to liven up any pantry. But what happens when you finish your Signature Caddy? Do you too experience the sadness that is putting it in the recycling bin? 

    Why not find ways to reuse them around the house and give them a new purpose?


    Here are just a few ways you can give your empty Signature Caddies a new life, while making your life more organized (and beautiful!). 



    The perfect vessel for succulents, cacti, small house plants and herbs. For cacti and succulents, be sure to layer small pebbles or gravel followed by potting mix designed specifically for cacti and succulents to ensure optimal drainage and minimal water retention. 

    TIP - Do not over water! 



    Store your spices, sugar, pasta, or grains, anything you want to keep airtight and fresh in your pantry. Create easy access to your go-to utensils, or use your caddies to show off any special kitchen items. 



    Display your makeup brushes, liners, and any other go-to cosmetics. Qtips, and cottons pads are the ideal size to store in empty Caddies as well! 


    Use your empty Caddy for pens, pencils, highlighters, lip balm or hand cream. Anything you need within arms reach while working from home.