Specialty tea has always been associated with hospitality and distinction, and Sloane Tea Company's Corporate Gift Service is an ideal way to make a distinct impression with clients and colleagues. A convenient way of managing your corporate gift giving,  this complimentary service features the personalized attention of a Sloane Tea Sommelier - from gift selection to delivery. 

Give the gift of sloane

Sloane Tea Company’s products are a unique and luxurious alternative to the familiar corporate gift products. With wine and alcohol no longer permitted as gift options at some organizations, and allergy and dietary concerns such as nuts, chocolates, and fruit baskets becoming more prevalent, specialty tea from Sloane Tea Company is an attractive and viable alternative. With unique and sophisticated packaging, The Gift of Sloane offers a stellar and refined option for your organization.

Not only are our teas a calorie-free indulgence, Sloane teas are well-sealed and lightweight for easy, low cost shipping. Our tea lasts at least 18 months in proper room temperature storage, so bulk purchasing is a strategic solution to your gift giving needs.

Regardless of your industry, we would be delighted to discuss special rates and customized programs for your business.

  • Our tea gifts are
    well-sealed and lightweight
    for easy shipping
  • A wonderful alternative
    to food baskets
    that raise allergy and
    dietary concerns
  • Keeps for 18 months
    allowing for bulk purchase
    and storage