signature blend herbal tea

A warm blend of lemongrass, mint, ginger, and delicious fruits. This tisane is bursting with flavour, and contains chunks of apple, papaya and citrus peel so large you could pick them out and eat them. The warmth of lemongrass, liquorice root and other herbs provide balance and body, adding depth to this soothing tisane. Try it with honey when you're feeling under the weather for a spicy pick-me-up!

  • Tea Profile  Golden yellow liquor, citrus-bodied and delicate with a sweet nectarous linger.

  • Taste and Strength  Spicy, warm and soothing. A bold and refreshing tisane. 

  • When to Drink Ideal at any time of day.

  • Steeping Instructions For best results, steep 1 teaspoon per 12 ounces of freshly boiled water for 5-7 minutes, depending on taste.
    Savour straight, or add a touch of honey for a comforting sweetness.


75g (2.6oz) loose leaf tea