Sommelier Society

The Sloane Sommelier Society is a tea society in which members are offered a rare tea experience. As a member, you will be guided through tastings of some of the world’s most esoteric, extraordinary and exclusive teas, each selected by our Advisory Board. You will become a part of an engaged platform of tea enthusiasts, and a part of the Sommelier Society’s intimate circle whereby you will be invited to special events, product launches, and have access to exclusive offers and previews. There’s no membership fee or commitment, and all our teas are fully certified.

The teas in this collection, for the most part, are not teas that are available for purchase in North America (not even from Sloane Tea Company). Rather, the purpose of the Sloane Sommelier Society is to showcase hidden, limited-production gems from estates throughout the world that rarely leave their country of origin. The teas will vary from season to season, completely dependent on what our Sloane Sommeliers have been able to procure at any given time.

Besides being the ultimate in a rare tea experience while in the comfort of your own home, the Sloane Sommelier Society makes for a truly exceptional gift. A hand-written note will be included with your personalized message, and we are so certain that the recipient will be beyond thrilled with their subscription, that you are sure to receive a note in return.

The Sloane Sommelier Society Advisory Board

Mark Arathoon | Raymonde Drolet | Cynthia Gold | Bill Kamula | Marty Kushner | Hoda Paripoush