Learn About Tea

We love to teach our customers about tea. So we gathered all of their frequently asked questions and listed them here. If you have any additional questions we would love to hear from you!

Tea:An Introduction

  1. What is tea?
  2. What is plucking?
  3. How is tea graded?
  4. What is black tea?
  5. What is green tea?
  6. What is white tea?
  7. What is oolong tea?
  8. What is a tisane?
  9. What is rooibos?
  10. What is yellow tea?
  11. What is pu-er tea?
  12. What is a Darjeeling tea?
  13. What is a Second Flush Darjeeling tea?
  14. What is “Jungpana”?
  15. What artisanal techniques are used in tea production?
  16. Milk or no milk?
  17. Milk in first or last?
  18. Is there an expiration date on tea?
  19. What is a “tippy” tea?

The History of Tea