Faq Sloane

How is quality ensured throughout the year?

To deliver on our promise of an exceptional cup of tea, all Sloane Fine Teas are regularly cupped and assessed by independent certified tea specialists, gourmet chefs, culinary instructors and tea industry experts for their appearance, liquor colour, aroma and taste. Regular cupping is how we gauge new flushes (harvests) of tea in order to assure you of receiving an exceptional cup of tea.

Additionally, to remain current with new teas and related products, the Sloane Tea Company team undertakes extensive sourcing and research trips worldwide to tea growers and estates, tea processors and industry expositions.

How do you prepare a perfect pot of tea?

As you will see when you are browsing through Sloane Tea Company’s teas, different leaves require different treatment. Some require boiling water, some less than boiling water, and all need to be steeped for a different length of time. However, when preparing a traditional black tea, the process is as such:

  1. 1. Warm the teapot with hot water.
  2. 2. Fill the kettle with freshly drawn water and bring it to a boil. Water that has been double-boiled will affect the taste of the tea.
  3. 3. Measure one rounded teaspoon of tea into the teapot for each person, and one extra spoonful of tealeaves “for the pot”.
  4. 4. Remove the kettle as soon as it boils and allow it to come off the boil for a minute or two.
  5. 5. Pour the not-quite-boiling water onto the leaves and leave to steep fo 4-5 minutes.
  6. 6. Serve in fine bone china cups as the delicacy of the cup does seem to enhace the delicacy of the tea within.
  7. 7. Add a splash of milk or a slice of lemon to taste.

If you are preparing tea in a cup or pot using Sloane Sachets, the same rule applies- one teaspoon of tea per person, use water just off the boil and steep for 3-5 minutes.

How do you prepare ice tea?

A lot of our tea's are also great iced. Below are the instructions on how to make ice tea. You should always steep each tea at the correct temperature and steep time according to the type of tea. Each recipe makes 1 cup.

  1. 2. Steep 2 tsp (2 sachets) of tea in 12oz of Water
  2. 3. Let steep before removing tea leaves.
  3. 4. Add ice
  4. 5. Garnish with fresh mint, berries, or citrus slices.

What makes Sloane Tea Company unique?

We take our tea seriously as each Sloane Fine Tea is individually sourced directly from growers abroad by certified tea specialists educated in culinary schools. Chosen from literally hundreds of tea gardens, Sloane tea is carefully processed using centuries old artisanal techniques.

We also take our blending seriously as our scented and blended teas are uniquely blended by our own team. As part of the development of our products, Sloane Tea Sommeliers consult with related industry experts, including the Maître Nez (Head Nose) from world-renowned perfumeries in Grasse, France.

What is a Taster’s Arc?

Sloane Tea Company understands and appreciates the importance of all the senses, especially that of taste. This is why we have created a new and enjoyable way to explore the world of tea possibilities. The Sloane Tea Taster’s Arc allows for you to select teas by taste, be it Citrus you seek, Fresh or Floral, Sweet or Spicy, or a Creamy complement. By selecting any of the teas in the highlighted category, you will be able to learn more about that specific tea and how it embodies the flavours of that particular taste.

Why the name Sloane Tea Company?

Sloane Tea Company is named after a delightfully quaint square on the boundaries of the fashionable London districts of Knightsbridge, Belgravia and Chelsea. Sloane Square was named after Sir Hans Sloane (1660-1753) who was a fine physician, collector, and inventor of one of our other favourite beverages…. drinking chocolate, which he discovered upon his voyage to Jamaica.

Customer Service hours of operation?

A Sloane Tea Company specialist is available for e-mail and phone assistance Monday – Friday, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time, excluding holidays.

Our customer service toll-free number is 1 (888) 756-2630.

Caring for my double walled glass tea cups

As these double walled glass tea cups are each artisanally produced and mouth-blown, each one may have very slight variations in height, thickness and weight.

Please use caution when using metal spoons to stir your tea as this may break the glass. If placing ice directly into the glass, please use care so as to avoid fracturing the inner layer.

These double walled glass tea cups are dishwasher safe.