Sloane’s exquisite pyramid sachet (tea bag) is more than meets the eye. Not only is it created via an ultrasonic technology allowing for a clean and consistent seal, but it’s unique pyramid shape allows for us to fill it with a fine variety of full premium tea leaves and exotic ingredients such as herbs, flowers and real fruit pieces. It’s innovative design and 1200 weaves per square inch allows for optimal flow of the ingredients in your cup, creating a consistent infusion, every time.

  • A consistent coating on the tag

    means that it won’t separate from the string.

  • Non-wicking string, because tags shouldn’t drip.

    wick·ing: the capillary action which causes liquid to travel through the thread.

  • Sachet is sealed by
    means of an ultrasonic technology

    That means, no glue, staples or wire hold this tea bag together, creating for a pure tea infusion.

  • 1200 weaves per square inch

    allow for optimal flow of fluid through the sachet walls.