What is green tea?

Best known for grassy vegetal notes and greenish liquor and leaves, green tea is promptly steamed or pan-fired to denature the oxidizing enzymes and to preserve its freshness. As green tea is un-oxidized, caution must be taken when steeping it as over-steeping the tea produces a bitter cup. As well, green tea is not to be steeped in fully boiled water, as too hot a temperature will also produce a bitter cup. Less than boiling water is what is ideal when preparing green tea.

Among Sloane Tea Company’s signature green teas, all have been produced with centuries-old artisan techniques. Our Jasmine Snow Dragon is produced by delicately wrapping each young leaf along a sliver of bamboo, and then scenting it with the intoxicating scent of newly blossomed jasmine flowers. The ever-so-popular Jasmine Jade Pearl, also infused with the aroma of fresh jasmine blossoms, is produced by having each individual leaf hand-rolled into a delicate pearl, that unfurls when steeped. Lastly, our Jade Halo, also known as “Yuhuan” is a very delicate tea where individual leaves have been shaped into beautiful rings.