Citron Calm 50 Sachet Pouch
  • Pyramid sachet held over white mug
  • Mint Verbena sachets spilling out of pouch
  • Blood Orange Oolong 50 Sachet Pouch
  • Chocolate Truffle 50 Sachet Pouch
  • Citron Calm 50 Sachet Pouch
  • Palace Chai 50 Sachet Pouch

50 Sachet Pouch

Our whole leaf sachets offer the luxury of loose leaf tea in the most convenient way possible. There is absolutely no fuss, as each tea bag is pre-filled with a calibrated amount of tea and the pyramid shape allows for optimal flow of ingredients. Each pouch is resealable and contains 50 whole leaf biodegradable sachets.

We are blending a fresh batch of tea. Your order will ship within 1-2 weeks.


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