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sampler collection

A collection of four remarkable teas from China, produced using centuries old artisanal techniques. 

Perfect for lovers of artisan white, green and oolong teas who prefer light-bodied and smooth flavours.

  • Silver Mist 20g (0.7oz) loose leaf tea

    A delicate white tea from Yunnan, China, that is produced only in the spring and represents the first crop of the new season, this tea is finely balanced with a refreshing mint delicacy.

    Tea Profile Light ivory liquor, light-bodied, fine and fresh with a lengthy nectarous linger and hint of mint.

  • Jade Halo 25g (0.9oz) loose leaf tea

    An exquisite green tea that is created by an ancient artisanal technique whereby select young buds are individually curled so as to create exceptional rings, or "halos".

    Tea Profile Ivory liquor, light-bodied and smooth with a delicate honeyed linger.

  • Jasmine Snow Dragon 25g (0.9oz) loose leaf tea

    The most tender green tea leaves and silvery down-covered buds are gently steamed after plucking and individually wrapped around slivers of bamboo so as to create the remarkable spiral shape, and are then scented with fresh jasmine blossoms.

    Tea Profile Golden ivory liquor, full-bodied, fragrantly floral with a profound jasmine linger.

  • Oolong Crème 35g (1.2oz) loose leaf tea

    This signature oolong from the Wuyi Mountains in China is said to have come about when the moon fell in love with a comet. The comet passed her by, as comets will do. The moon cried milky tears which chilled the tea fields, withering the leaves and giving them a delicate creaminess.

    Tea Profile Golden yellow liquor, medium-bodied and creamy with a rich and lengthy linger.

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