specialty sugar tea complement

Direct from the South of France, Sloane Tea Company brings you sweet secrets. Our Rococo Roses are delicious hand-crafted works of art that are sure to delight. These crystallized roses are meant as sugar complements to our exceptional teas.

You may savour the sweet flavour of our Rococo Roses by placing a single piece on the inside of your cheek, sipping your selected tea and allowing the heat of the tea liquor to slowly dissolve the sugar, sip by sip, extracting it’s sweetness. If you prefer a bolder flavour, indulge in the full sweetness of the crystallized rose all at once.

Our Rococo Roses are sold in 55 gram quantities, and are elegantly packaged and protected in a Sloane Tea Company signature linen-embossed window box, showcasing the stunning beauty of the sugar before it even delights the palate.


55g specialty sugar