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sampler collection

A collection of four marvelous teas, including two tisanes that are sure to help relax and soothe.

Ideal for the tea lover that prefers both caffeinated and non-caffeinated teas, destined to soothe and relax.

  • White Jasmine Ice 20g (0.7oz) loose leaf tea

    A delicate white tea from Yunnan, China, that is produced only in the spring and represents the first crop of the new season. This tea is infused with a sublime jasmine aroma through a traditional scenting process making it an absolute delight.

    Tea Profile Light ivory liquor, light-bodied with coumarin notes and a delicate nectarous jasmine linger.

  • Heavenly Cream 30g (1.1oz) loose leaf tea

    A divine tea, full of creamy richness and velvety smoothness- heavenly in every way.  A beautiful long leaf Ceylon base, is blended with balanced notes of bergamot and creamy vanilla.

    Tea Profile Golden amber liquor, medium-bodied, velvety smooth with a lengthy creamy vanilla linger.

  • Rouge Provence 30g (1.1oz) loose leaf tea

    Rooibos, also known as Red Tea, is an anti-oxidant-rich herbal plant from South Africa. This tisane is light and fruity, and will transport you to a summer's day in the South of France where phenomenal and fresh floral notes abound.

    Tea Profile Ruby red liquor, light-bodied, fruity and fresh with a honeyed and floral linger.

  • Citron Chamomile 25g (0.9oz) loose leaf tea

    A calming melange of Egyptian chamomile, fruits and herbs.  This tisane, created by a medley of chamomile flowers, rose hips and subtle slices of citrus fruit create an enticing balance of tart and sweet. The warmth of Indian Lemongrass rejuvenates the palate and adds depth to this soothing tisane.

    Tea Profile Golden yellow liquor, citrus-bodied and delicate with a sweet nectarous linger.

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