Crimson Berry Colada

Crimson Berry Colada

Crimson Berry is one of our most versatile herbal teas for iced tea recipes. Scroll below to add a zing of berry to the classic Pina Colada.



1-2 oz. Crimson Berry Concentrate (20g of Crimson Berry Loose Leaf & 8oz. of Water)

6 cups of Ice

9 oz. Pineapple Juice

9 oz. Coconut Milk


Add 20g of Crimson Berry loose leaf to 240ml of water and cold steep overnight for 12 hours. Once steeped, strain loose leaf tea from mixture. The tea concentrate is based off of a 1:12 tea to water ratio, so it can be adjusted accordingly if you are making a larger batch. 

Pour 6 cups of ice into a blender and add 9 oz. of pineapple juice and 9 oz. of coconut milk. Blend until smooth. 
Pour mixture into glass and top with 1-2 oz. of Crimson Berry concentrate. 

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