crimson berry frozen tea with pitcher of tea

Sloane At Home - Frozen Crimson Berry Chill

Hot tea, iced tea, frozen tea?!

Our Signature Blends are often enjoyed as hot tea throughout most of the year, but now as we enter the summer months, most of us are pouring our go-to blends over ice. Why not take it a step further during the inevitable heat waves to come and freeze your favourite teas for an elevated at home slushy! 

crimson berry tea tin over pile of blueberries


Crimson Berry loose leaf (2 tbsp. per 6-8 oz. of boiling water)

Fresh or frozen blueberries (or any berry of your choosing)

Lemon or lime slices

crimson berry tea ice cubes, blueberries, and loose leafglass bowl of crimson berry tea ice cubes


1. Steep Crimson Berry tea for at least 10 minutes with boiling water. The longer you steep, the stronger your frozen infusion will be. Crimson Berry is an herbal tea, so it can be steeped for as long as you wish, without compromising the flavours of the ingredients. The fruity notes of the cranberries, blueberries, currants and elderberries will be more forward, along with the tartness of the hibiscus and twist of citrus from the lemongrass.

Sloane filter of crimson berry in pitcher of hot waterpartially infused crimson berry tea in pitcherglass pitcher of fully infused crimson berry tealooking into pitcher at infused filter full of loose leaf

2. Pour steeped Crimson Berry into ice cube trays and freeze overnight or until completely frozen. 

crimson berry tea ice cubes in blender

3. Use blender to blend Crimson Berry ice cubes until consistency is slushy. 

4. Garnish with lemon or lime and fresh or frozen berries of your choosing. 

frozen crimson berry in glasses with lime and blueberriesfrozen crimson berry garnished in glasses

frozen crimson berry in glasses near blueberry pile