Kouridashi Ice Brew

Kouridashi Ice Brew

Switch up your steeping method with Kouridashi ice brew, a Japanese method of cold steeping tea over ice. Typically, the go-to steeping method for tea is with hot water. This method quickly extracts flavours and health benefits within mere minutes. However, if over steeped, even slightly, tea can easily become astringent and bitter. This is where the cold steeping method has become popular. It is another method of steeping tea which not only prevents astringency and bitterness but it also produces a fuller flavour profile, but does so slowly. This typically takes 8-12 hours in the refrigerator.

Kouridashi ice brew has become a bit of a trend over the summer and is a happy medium between hot steeping and cold steeping. It is also known to bring out new flavour profiles which you may not experience when steeping tea hot or cold. It is especially interesting to try with black or green teas as it brings out the natural sweetness of the tea leaf.  It takes anywhere from 30-40 minutes to up to 2 hours to melt fully.

We used our pour over coffee stand to hold the ice and tea with a strainer over our cup below, allowing the cold steeped tea to drip into the cup without having to worry about tea leaves. Alternatively, you can follow the same guidelines below using a bowl and simply strain the tea leaves from the resulting mixture.



2 cups of ice 

4 teaspoons of your tea of choice 



Pour 1 cup of ice into your pour over stand (or bowl). Layer with 2 teaspoons of tea, another cup of ice, and another 2 teaspoons of tea.

Wait and watch the magic happen. 

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