Sachet boxes in pile

New Year, New Look, New Sachet Boxes!

What better way to start off the new year, than with an introduction to our new and improved Sachet Box Collection. You will notice we have made a few tweaks to this collection, all of which are sure to elevate your Sloane Tea experience!

We wanted to add a little more excitement for your senses, beyond just the visual appeal of our packaging and the taste of our tea. Our new Sachet Boxes delight the senses from the moment you pick them up and feel the velvety smooth soft-touch box. The more refined colour palette is also sure to help you keep your cool as we tackle whatever the new year brings.

hand holding signature black sachet boxbreaking apart signature black sachet box

The shape of our new Sachet Box has also evolved. A more compact, square shape makes for effortless storage in your tea cupboard or pantry and is easier for your favourite Sloane retailers to display too! Additionally, this design has allowed us to cut down significantly on the amount of packaging required per box. It is also much simpler to break apart and recycle once you have sipped and savoured each Sachet Envelope. 

signature black sachet box

Previously filled with smaller sized envelopes, our new box style is able to accommodate our standard sized Sachet Envelopes, streamlining things a little more. Yes, this means our Sachet Boxes can now also be used to refill our Presentation Chests!

Tropical Green sachet box openopen tropical green sachet envelope

Lastly, we have brought back Citron Calm, due primarily to popular demand but also as a hopeful act that will bring us all a little more calm throughout 2021. 

citron calm sachet box

Cheers to a new year and a new Sachet Box!