purple tea in goblet with skull bottle

Perfectly Pear Colour Changing Potion

 Hallo-weekend is here, which means it’s officially the season for spooky sips and magic potions! We wanted to find a way to infuse your cup with extra magic this year, so we took to the cauldron and starting testing spells!

When it comes to foodie trends everyone is all about colourful rainbow creations right now, so we decided to experiment with a popular new ingredient - Butterfly Pea Flower! Commonly found in Southeast Asia, this plant has been used as a natural dye for centuries, but only recently has the brilliant blue shade started showing up in food and drink. A gorgeous colour on its own, when citrus is added and the PH level shifts in your cup, you can watch the colour change to a brilliant purple! How’s that for a magic potion?

Brewed with our Perfectly Pear white tea and dried Butterfly Pea Flowers, this cocktail can be made with our without alcohol, and is sure to work magic on your guests this Hallo-weekend!

Ingredients //

2 tablespoons dried Butterfly Pea Flowers

2 tablespoons loose Sloane Perfectly Pear white tea

8oz boiling water

1 lemon - juiced

4 teaspoons Cane sugar


1 oz Vodka (optional)

glass goblets with loose leaf and tea tin

Directions //

To make these cocktails you’ll need to pre-steep the dried flowers and tea the night before. In a large mason jar or glass bottle, place equal parts loose tea and dried flowers in a tea bag and pour 8 oz boiling water over top, allow to steep for 2 minutes. Remove the teabag and stir in 4-5 teaspoons of sugar while still hot. You’ll be left with a gorgeous blue tea infusion! Allow to cool at room temperature before placing in the fridge.

When you’re ready to enjoy your magical colour changing cocktails, juice one lemon into a small glass bottle or container, strain out seeds and pulp. Pour the Butterfly Pea Flower tea infusion over ice in each glass and add 1oz vodka. Now for the fun part! In front of your guests pour 1 oz lemon juice into the glass and watch the beautiful blue hue change to purple before your eyes!

butterfly pea flower tea in glass bottle3 goblets filled with butterfly pea flower iced teagoblets filled with iced tea with tea tin and lemonbutterfly pea flower tea and cup of lemon juicegoblets filled with tea, 1 with lemon juice and tea tinlemon juice poured into butterfly pea flower teagoblets filled with before and after colour changebutterfly pea flower tea, lemons, and skull bottlebutterfly pea flower purple tea in glassbutterfly pea flower tea in glass with lemonglasses filled with purple and blue butterfly pea tea