Complete Sachet Box flavour collection

Sloane Sachet Box Launch

After much planning and dreaming, our highly anticipated Sachet Collection is officially here and available online! A lot of love and care went into every step of designing this colourful new collection of brand new products, and we couldn't be more excited to introduce you to the line-up.

Introducing 17 new ways to enjoy Sloane tea, all at a lower price point but with no diversion from our commitment to flavour and quality. What makes our Sachet Collection special? Each sachet is crafted with our fine loose leaf: direct trade, all-natural (no chemicals or sugar added), and kosher certified. Distinctive from a normal tea bag, the pyramid structure of our sachets allows the tea to move freely within the pyramid structure remaining whole and unbroken. Each biodegradable pyramid is enhanced with a colour-coded tag that matches the box it came from, then sealed within a foil package so they're convenient to take travelling, to work, or keep in your handbag – wherever life takes you!

The boxes themselves are a rich, colourful collection beautified with fine details, like the gold foil Sloane seal. They're also bilingual, and include steeping instructions, brand history, and extra information about the tea inside. Together they make a rich, joyful rainbow.

Sachet Boxes with one open

Some of our favourite releases to try:

Bold Breakfast

A balanced blend of North Indian black teas, this blend is rich with flavour and the perfect start to your day. We recommend taking a a sachet or two with you to work each day to stay sharp when you need a wake up call!

Variety Collection 

For the adventurous, the indecisive and those who just want to try more Sloane tea blends, the Variety Collection holds 14 different teas ranging from black, green and oolong to white and herbal. Sipping your way through the series is nothing short of a delight.

Mint Verbena

A soothing caffiene-free blend of peppermint and verbena, creating a calming feeling of renewal with citrus notes and a refined hint of mint.

Peaches And Cream

Perfect for these summer days, Peaches And Cream features a beautiful blend of white tea infused with the natural sweetness of peach finished with a smooth vanilla top note. We love it on ice!

Heavenly Cream

Forever a Sloane favourite, sipping Heavenly Cream has never been simpler. Plus, the shade of purple we picked for this particular box design has a special place in our hearts.

What are you waiting for? Collect the entire rainbow here!

Sachet Box open with sachet spilling outRipped open Mint Verbena Sachet EnvelopeRainbow of Sachets Sachet Envelopes tucked in desk drawerSachet Envelopes spilling out of purse