Sloane Gift Guide - Part 3: Picking Flavours

Sloane Gift Guide - Part 3: Picking Flavours

For our final Sloane Gift Guide installment, scroll down for some insight into which core flavour to select when picking teas for different personalities. 

Pick A PersonaliTEA

peaches and cream loose leaf signature caddy marrakesh mint rouge provence loose leaf signature caddy

Earl Grey Classic

When tea is not just a beverage, but a lifestyle. Our double dose of Sicilian Bergamot is sure to impress while adding an element of surprise to the most classic of tea blends. 

Heavenly Cream

Decadent and extra. Heavenly Cream is the ultimate giftable flavour for lovers of all things luxurious, velvety, and sweet. 

Jasmine Mist

The picture of elegance. Scented with 4x its weight in Jasmine Blossoms, this tea will please even the most discerning of queens.

Marrakesh Mint

Relaxed, chill, fresh and modern. For those who love all things simple, yet complex, an exceptionally thoughtful and layered tea. 

Peaches And Cream

Bubbly, sweet, and playful. A tea that tastes as sweet as this peach of a pal.

Rouge Provence

The romantic daydreamer. Whisk them off to the lavender fields of Provence with each sip.

Signature Black

Classic, timeless, and refined. For that friend who is the definition of class. Sure to become their new signature drink of choice. 

Tropical Green

Fun, colourful, and vibrant. Give this friend the tropical beach party (in a cup) they have been craving.