Tropical Green iced tea sangria in glasses and pitcher

Tropical Green Iced Tea Sangria

There are still a few weeks ahead until the official first day of Summer, but it’s pretty safe to say the weather is saying otherwise all across the country! June marks the start of summer break for those in school, the month when the sun comes out to stay and iced tea begins to triumph over hot tea in many households.

So many of our blends here at Sloane make truly delicious iced beverages (you can find a collection of suggested teas here) You can keep it simple with our Classic Green, sweetened with a touch of honey, or brew up a bounty of flavour with a jug of iced Crimson Berry, an herbal tea with a tart kick.

For today’s recipe we decided to celebrate the truly bright and refreshing flavour of our Tropical Green Tea. A smooth Japanese sencha base with pineapple, papaya and citrus flavours, this signature blend is practically made to be served over ice with a touch of something sweet… but we didn’t stop there!

Tea sangria is an ideal low-sugar Summer beverage, and we promise a pitcher of this tropical treasure will be the perfect addition to every summer soirée. Make it with the wine, or without as an “mocktail” that can be served to everyone in your family!


6 teaspoons Tropical green tea

Half a fresh pineapple

1 Mango

1 Lemon

1 Lime

Agave to taste  

Optional - White wine (we recommend a Sauvignon Blanc)

Start by steeping 6 teaspoons of Tropical Green in 8 oz water that’s just below boiling. Steep for 2-3 minutes and remove leaves from the water - allow to cool down. Our tea filter bags are perfect for this.

While you’re waiting, cut up the pineapple and mango and add to the bottom of your pitcher. Slice lemons and limes and add as well, leaving two slices for garnish.

Fill the pitcher halfway with ice and pour your cooled tea overtop, sweeten to taste with melted honey or agave and stir.

If you’re turning your iced tea fruit infusion into sangria, simply add about a ½ cup of white wine. Ideally give the fruit a few hours to “steep” with the tea and wine for a stronger tropical flavour.

Serve ice cold - preferably poolside!

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