Matcha Preparation Guide

Sloane Tea's Premium Grade Organic Matcha is an extra fine, premium grade of organic Japanese green tea, stone ground into a super fine powder. 

Matcha is ideal for those of us looking for a healthier alternative to coffee every morning, without compromising on the energy boost. With matcha, unlike with other teas, you are consuming the actual tea leaves rather than just steeping them. This results in the detoxifying and energizing properties of the tea being amplified. Not only is matcha popular for its multitude of health benefits, but also for its versatility. While it is prepared differently than regular tea, it is just as versatile.

Brass scoop pouring organic matchaOrganic Matcha starter kit

With three easy steps, you will produce the base infusion to either savour our matcha straight, or use it to create an iced or hot Sloane Tea Matcha Latte. 

Step 1 - Portion Matcha

Measure 1 teaspoon of matcha or 1/4 scoop using our Brass Measuring Scoop. Place matcha into bowl to whisk.
brass scoop 1/4 full with organic matchamixing bowl filled with 1 tsp of matcha

Step 2 - Add Water & Whisk

Add 2oz. of 80°C water (or fully boiled water that has cooled slightly) and whisk matcha using a zig-zag motion until matcha is dissolved and frothy. 
mixing bowl with water and organic matchahand whisking matcha and water

Step 3 - Pour Into Cup & Enjoy

Pour matcha mixture into cup and savour straight. For a Matcha Latte, add 8-10 oz. of steamed milk or a non-dairy alternative. For an Iced Matcha Latte, add ice and cold milk or a non-dairy alternative.
iced organic matcha lattehot organic matcha latte