Preparing the Perfect Pot of Sloane Tea

While all tea comes from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, tea requires particular preparation unique to it's tea type to produce the perfect cup of tea. With a few additional steps beyond just proper portioning, steeping time and temperature, you can maximize and elevate your tea experience. 

Loose Leaf 

  1. Pre-heat your teapot with hot water before steeping your tea. This will prevent your teapot from absorbing a few degrees of heat from your boiling water. 
  2. Always fill your kettle with freshly drawn water and bring it to a boil. Water that has been double-boiled will affect the taste of the tea.
  3. Remove your kettle as soon as it boils and allow it to come off the boil for a minute or two for black and herbal tea, and a little longer for green, white, and oolong.
  4. Portion your loose leaf tea with tea type in mind along with vessel size. A half scoop of our Brass Measuring Scoop for black, green, and oolongs, and a full scoop for white and herbal teas per 12.oz (2g per 12.oz).
  5. Pour the water onto your whole leaf loose leaf tea and let it steep for the recommended steeping time based on it's tea type.
  6. When selecting cups to serve your tea in, always remember the cup you sip and savour from does seem to enhance the delicacy of the tea within.
  7. Savour straight or garnish according to tea type.

Pre-Filled Biodegradable Sachets

If you prefer our biodegradable pyramid sachets, follow the same steps above, but your portioning is already done for you, so you can skip step 4. Each sachet is pre-filled with the perfect portion of tea, ensuring you have a consistent cup of your favourite Sloane Tea, every time. With our individually wrapped Sachet Envelopes, we have gone one step further! Each envelope is complete with tasting notes and steeping instructions to reference as you prep your tea on-the-go!