Tea Latte Steep Guide

Oh the versatiliTEA of tea. Whether you prefer loose leaf or pre-filled sachets, tea lattes can be made with either format and are an easy way to switch up how you drink your favourite Sloane Tea blends. Follow along below for any easy steep guide for tea lattes with our loose leaf and pre-filled sachets. Tea Latte beginner? Check out our Microground Tea Latte Guidefor an even easier tea latte!


2 teaspoons or 2 sachets of tea
2 ounces of hot water
8-9 ounces of milk


    1. Pour 2 ounces of hot water (89°-95°) over tea.
    2. Allow tea to steep for 3-5 minutes depending on the tea type. For a London Fog with Earl Grey Classic or Heavenly Cream or a Chai Latte with Masala Chai Classic or Cocoa Chai Chai, a 3-4 minute steep will suffice. Remove tea.
    3. This will create an espresso style tea concentrate base, allowing for the tea flavours to shine through once you add milk.
    4. Heat your milk via stovetop or milk frother and add to your tea concentrate. 
    5. For an iced tea latte, pour your tea concentrate base over ice and add cold milk.