Director's Note


Hoda Paripoush

I am so happy that we have found each other here on Sloane’s website. You and I have something in common – we are both lovers of tea!

My own personal passion for tea started from childhood, sitting in awe of the tea samovar that nestled itself in the center of all family gatherings. It extended to my early first travels abroad to discover as much as I could about tea, to the mountains of Darjeeling, Nantou, Wuyi, Uji, Wen Shan, Ba-Gua Shan throughout India, China, Japan & Taiwan. It was there that I discovered the universality of tea, how it brings cultures from across the world together to celebrate and share life’s magic moments through the pleasures of this simple beverage. I knew I had found my life’s vocation. And the rest is history…

At Sloane, I have been dedicated to traversing the world in pursuit of the most esoteric, exceptional and exclusive teas, and bringing them to you through a guild of only the finest tea gardens. As well, building on the principles of perfumery I have created a signature line of blended exceptional teas with heady notes.

Of course, I didn’t do this alone. At Sloane, a cadre of Certified Tea Sommeliers, professional chefs, educators, and tea industry associates continually support me – each an expert in their respective field.

On behalf of everyone here at Sloane, I raise my cup to yours, and wish you health, happiness and success on your own personal tea journey.

Hoda Paripoush

Hoda Paripoush