Matcha Rose Latte

Matcha Rose Latte

Matcha + rose = a matcha made in heaven! Sweeten your iced or hot matcha latte with the delicate floral notes of rose. 



1 teaspoon Premium Grade Organic Matcha

Rose Water (to taste)

1 cup milk or alt-milk

1 cup whipping cream or non-dairy creamer

Dried rose petals



Portion 1 teaspoon of Premium Grade Organic Matcha into mixing bowl. Add 2oz. of 80°C water (or fully boiled water that has cooled slightly) and whisk matcha using a zig-zag motion until dissolved and frothy. 

Fill glass with ice. Pour Matcha mixture over ice. 

Add 1 cup of milk or alt-milk.

Portion 1 cup of whipping cream into bowl and add rose water to taste (can add a drop of red food colouring to create a soft pink hue). Mix with hand mixer or whisk until fluffy. 

Pour whipped rose water cream to glass. Garnish with dried rose petals. 

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